Prof. Kai Man KwanDirector of the Centre for Sino- Christian Studies and Professor of Religion and Philosophy

    Research Profile

    Ethics and social philosophy; political philosophy; philosophy of science; the science-religion dialogue; philosophy of religion; religious experience; epistemology; systematic theology; postmodernism

    Teaching Profile

    Philosophy of the Christian Religion; Religion and Modern Science; History of Christian Thought; Philosophy of Religion; Comparative Religious Themes; Comparative Philosophy East and West; Philosophy of Life in Existentialism

    Selected Publications

    I Believe, Therefore I Think. Hong Kong: FES, 1998.

    “Thomas Kuhn’s Philosophy of Science and Rationality in the Liberal Arts Tradition,” ACUCA Exchange 8:1 ( June 1998): 85-147.

    “Contemporary Philosophical Debate on the Validity of Religious Experience,” Jian Dao: A Journal of Bible and Theology 11 (Jan 1999):57-79.

    (together with Eric W. K. Tsang) “Replication and Theory Development in Organizational Science: A Critical Realist Perspective,” The Academy of Management Review 24:4 (October 1999):759-780.

    “The Idea of Christian Scholarship: Integration of Faith and Learning in an Age of Pluralism,” ACUCA Exchange 9:2 (December 1999):120-151.

    “A Critical Appraisal of a Non-Realist Philosophy of Religion: An Asian Perspective.” Philosophia Christi, Series 2 vol. 3, no. 1 (2001): 225-235.

    “Is the Critical Trust Approach to Religious Experience Incompatible with Religious Particularism? A Reply to Michael Martin and John Hick,” Faith and Philosophy 20:2 (April 2003): 152-169.

    “Consumer Culture and the Economic Crisis,” in Chui-Ho Han and Kiem Kiok Tan, eds., For the Living of These Days: Compendium IFES EAGC ’98. Tokyo: IFES East Asia, 1999: 32-49.



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