Prof. Jakobus M. VorsterSenior researcher

    Research Profile

    Prof. Vorster’s research focuses on political theologies: the ethics of human rights, political ethics, “Church, society and state”, religious fundamentalism and human rights. He also gives advice to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

    Teaching Profile

    Doctoral and Masters supervision.

    Selected Publications

    Vorster, JM., 2021 The gift of life. Towards an ethic of flourishing personhood, AOSIS eBooks, Cape Town.

    “Is die kerk funksioneel?” Potchefstroom Theological Publications, 1997. (“Is the church functional?”).

    “Racism, Xenophobia and Human Rights,” Ecumenical Review 54:3 (2002): 296-312.

    “Ethical perspectives on human rights,” Potchefstroom Theological Publications, 2004.

    “Christian attitude in die South African Liberal Democracy,” Potchefstroom Theological Publications, 2007.

    “The challenge of contemporary religious fundamentalism,” Church History Society of South Africa, 2007.

    “The ethics of land restitution,” Journal of Religious Ethics 34:4 (2006): 686-797.

    “Nation-building in South Africa. Has progress been made?” Ecumenical Review 57:4 (2005): 473-491.

    Analytical perspectives on religious fundamentalism,” Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 17:2 (2007): 2001-2020.



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