Prof. Jack LeeAssociate Professor of Graduate Institute of Philosophy, Associate Dean of College of Liberal Arts

    Research Profile

    Personal Identity, Philosophy of Death, Applied Ethics. Seminars offered on the Metaphysics of Death, Applied Ethics, Animal Rights, and Environmental Ethics. Also teaches Logic.

    Selected Publications

    A. Books

    Can Death Be a Harm to the Person Who Dies? London: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002.

    (edited) Sustainability and Quality of Life, Palo Alto, CA: Ria University Press, 2010. (Philosopher’s Index)

    (edited with Tandy, Charles) Death and Anti-Death, Vol. 10: Ten Years After John Rawls (1921–2002), Palo Alto, CA: Ria University Press, 2012. (Philosopher’s Index)

    B. Articles

    “Commentary on Lamont’s When Death Harms Its Victims.” Australasian Journal of Philosophy 77 (1999): 349–357. (A&HCI / Philosopher’s Index)

    “Is the Yellow Ball Green?” Sorites 19 (2007): 87–91. (Philosopher’s Index)

    “Are All Animals Equal?” Studies on Humanities and Ecology in Taiwan 10 (2008): 73–87.

    “How Should Animals Be Treated?” Ethics, Place and Environment 11 (2008): 181–189. (Philosopher’s Index)

    “Regan and Intrinsic Value.” Applied Ethics Review 47 (2009): 43–54.

    “Regan and Animal Rights.” Applied Ethics Review 47 (2009): 1–7.

    (With Lin, Enchih) “On The Timing Issue.” in Death and Anti-Death 17 (2019): 163-174. (Philosopher’s Index)





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