Prof. Hyun-Shik JunProfessor of Systematic Theology

    Research Profile

    Ecology, Feminism, Body and Gender, Spirituality and Politics of Resistance, Ecojustice, Critical Hermenetics

    Teaching Profile

    Ecofeminist Theology, Body Theology, Critical Theology and Feminism, Ecology and Process Theology, Spirituality of Life and Christianity, Sexuality, Spirituality and Politics, Ecology and Religion, Postmodernism and Postcolonialism

    Selected Publications

    Ecology and Christian Anthropology (2001)

    Ecofeminist Theology and Tonghak (2002)

    Ecofeminism and Theology (2003)

    Ecology and Theology (2006)

    The Encounter of Religions in the East and West (2007)




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    Hyun Sook Kim