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Prof. Hee-Sook BAEAssociate Professor of Old Testament Studies


    Bible translation of the new, modern Version commissioned by Korean Bible Society; Reception of the Foreign Culture in the Ancient Israel Religion; Connections between the Old Testament and Korean Church; Magic in the Old Testament, Women in the Old Testament, Monotheism, Literary and Theological Approaches to Old Testament Narratives.


    General: Introduction to the Old Testament; Old Testament Exegesis; The History of Israel; Pentateuch: Genesis; Historical Books: 1& 2 Chronicles, Ezra-Nehemiah; Prophecy: Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah; Practical: Bible Study for community.


    Vereinte Suche nach JHWH. Hiskianische und Josianische Reform in der Chronik. BZAW 355. Berlin / New York: Walter de Gruyter (2005).

    A Commentary on 2 Chronicles. Seoul: The Christian Literature Society of Korea (2010). (Korean)

    Translation: Rainer Albertz. Die Exilzeit. 6. Jahrhundert vor Chr. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer 2001. (2006)

    Translation commissioned by National Research Foundation of Korea: Klaas R. Veenhof. Geschichte des Alten Orients bis zur Zeit Alexanders des Grossen. ATD 11. Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2001. (2015)

    “Bin ich Hüter meines Bruders? Eine Überlegung zur Stellung Kains in Gen 4,1-16.” Vetus Testamentum 66,3 (2016), 365-377.

    “Elijah’s Magic in the Drought Narrative: its Form and Function.” Biblische Notizen 169 (2016), 11-26.




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