Prof. Dean P. Béchard, S. J.Professor of New Testament Studies

    Research Profile

    Greco-Roman Milieu of New Testament Literature

    Social History of Early Christianity in the First Two Centuries

    Synoptic Gospels, especially the Gospel of Luke

    Acts of the Apostles

    Selected Publications

    “The Theological Significance of ‘Judaea’ in Luke-Acts,” in: J. Verheyden (ed.), The Unity of Luke-Acts (Leuven: Leuven University Press, 1999), 675-691.

    Paul Outside the Walls: A Study of Paul’s Socio-Geographical Universalism in Acts 14:8-20. Analecta Biblica 143, Rome: Pontifical Biblical Institute, 2000.

    “Paul Among the Rustics: The Lystran Episode and Lucan Apologetic,” in: Catholic Bilical Quarterly 63 (2001), 84-101.

    “The Disputed Case Against Paul: A Redaction Critical Analysis of Acts 21:27-22:29,” in: Catholic Bilical Quarterly 65 (2003), 232-250.



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