Prof. David Fergusson, FRSEProfessor of Divinity, Head of the School of Divinity

    Research Profile

    Prof. Fergusson’s research interests include issues in Christian doctrine, theological ethics and the history of Reformed theology, especially in its Scottish context.

    Teaching Profile

    Scottish Theology
    Religion and Science in the History of the Christian Tradition
    Selected Texts in Systematic Theology (Reading Group for Doctoral Candidates)
    Doctrine of Creation
    Church, Sacraments and Ministry
    Contemporary Systematic Theologies

    Selected Publications

    Providence of God: A Polyphonic Approach (Cambridge University Press, 2018)

    edited with Mark W. Elliott, History of Scottish Theology, 3 Vols. (Oxford University Press, 2019)

    Creation (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2014)

    Karl Barth’s doctrine of creation: Church bells beyond the stars. International Journal of Systematic Theology. 2016 Oct;18(4):414–431.

    with Nimmo, P. T. (Eds.): The Cambridge Companion to Reformed Theology. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 2016.

    ‘The Absence of God and its Contextual Significance in Hume’. Journal of Scottish Philosophy. 2013 Mar;11(1):69-85.

    Christ, Church and Society: Essays on John Baillie and Donald Baillie. 2nd ed. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2004.

    Church, State and Civil Society. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004.



    School of Divinity
    New College
    Mound Place
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    Phone: +44 (0)131 650 8912

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