Prof. David BlumenthalProfessor of Judaic Studies in the Department of Religion and the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

    Research Profile

    Prof. Blumenthal teaches and writes on constructive Jewish theology, medieval Judaism, Jewish mysticism, and Holocaust studies. Prof. Blumenthal is the subject of a 2014 book in the series “Library of Contemporary Jewish Philosophers,” edited by H. Tirosh-Samuelson and A. Hughes, entitled “David R. Blumenthal: Living with God and Humanity.”

    Teaching Profile

    Biblical Literature; Classic Religious Texts: Ecclesiastes; Freshman Seminar: Using Stamps to Explore Religion and Culture; Jewish Mystical Tradition: The Zohar;
    Special Topics: Interpreting Psalms; Rabbinic Judaism: Prayer and Liturgy

    Selected Publications

    Philosophic Mysticism: Essays in Rational Religion (2007)

    The Banality of Good and Evil: Moral Lessons from the Shoah and Jewish Tradition (Georgetown University Press, 1999)

    Facing the Abusing God: A Theology of Protest (Westminster / John Knox, 1993)

    God at the Center (Harper and Row, 1988; reprinted Jason Aronson, 1994 (translated as Dieu au coeur, 2002)

    Understanding Jewish Mysticism (2 vols.) (1978, 1982)



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