Prof. Christopher A. BeeleyProfessor of Anglican Studies and Patristics

    Research Profile

    Professor Beeley’s research centers on the interconnections between dogmatic theology, biblical exegesis, and Christian practice in the early Church. He is currently writing a major new analysis of Patristic Christology with these intersections in mind, and a book on the key principles of church leadership in the early Church.

    Teaching Profile

    At Yale Divinity School Professor Beeley teaches courses in early Christian theology, history, and spirituality, and Anglican Studies.

    Selected Publications

    Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity and the Knowledge of God: In Your Light We Shall See Light. Oxford Studies in Historical Theology. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2008.

    (ed. with J. Britton) Toward a Theology of Leadership. Anglican Theological Review 91.1 (2009).

    “Divine Causality and the Monarchy of God the Father in Gregory of Nazianzus,” in: Harvard Theological Review 100 (2007), 199-214.

    “Gregory of Nazianzus on the Unity of Christ,” in: Peter Martens (ed.): In the Shadow of the Incarnation: Essays on Jesus Christ in the Early Church in Honor of Brian E. Daley, SJ. South Bend, IN: University of Notre Dame Press, 2008, 97-120.

    “Theology and Pastoral Leadership,” in: Christopher A. Beeley/Joseph H. Britton (ed.s), Toward a Theology of Leadership. Anglican Theological Review 91 (2009), 11-30.

    “Eusebius Contra Marcellum: Anti-Modalist Doctrine and Orthodox Christology,” in: Zeitschrift für Antikes Christentum 12 (2009), 433-52.

    “Cyril of Alexandria and Gregory of Nazianzus: Tradition and Complexity in Patristic Christology,” in: Journal of Early Christian Studies 17 (2009), 381-419.

    “The Holy Spirit in Gregory Nazianzen: The Pneumatology of Oration 31,” in: A.B. McGowan et al. (ed.s): God in Early Christian Thought: Essays in Memory of Lloyd G. Patterson. Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae 94. Leiden/Boston: Brill, 2009, 151-62.

    “Apollinarius, Diodore, and Gregory Nazianzen: The Emergent Christological Controversy.” Vigiliae Christianae,  2010.

    “The Holy Spirit in the Cappadocians: Past and Present,” in: Modern Theology, 2010.



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