Prof. Abraham van de BeekProfessor of Systematic Theology (Dogmatics)

    Research Profile

    Christology has been Prof. van de Beek’s main research topic since his dissertation. Further research topics have included creation and scientific theory (related to his second doctor’s degree in botany) and he has also written a monograph about Israel in Christian Theology. Presently he is working on eschatology and ecclesiology.

    Teaching Profile

    As a research professor he teaches only international graduate classes, esp. about and Christology, eschatology and being a theologian.

    Selected Publications

    Why? On Suffering, Guilt, and God (Dutch: Waarom? Over lijden schuld en God) (Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1990).

    “To be Created Precedes our Creativity,” Louvain Studies 19 (1994): 34-45.

    Jesus Kyrios: Christology as the Heart of Theology (Jezus Kurios: De Christologie als hart van de theologie), Studies in Reformed Theology, Supplement 1. (Zoetermeer: Meinema, 2002).

    “The Dis-unity of the Reformed Churches,” The Church in Reformed Perspective: A European Reflection, ed. L. Vischer, John Knox Series 13 (Geneva: John Knox Centre, 2002), 109-133.

    “Marcionitism in To Diognetus: A Plea for Christians at the Expense of Jews,” Nederduiste gereformeerde teologiese tydskrif 43 (2002): 593-605.

    “In Christ, there is neither Jew nor Greek – or both Jew and Greek?” Faith and Ethnicity I, ed. E.A.J.G Van der Borght a.o., Studies in Reformed Theology 6 (2002): 21-36.

    “God’s Omnipotence and Human Freedom,” Essentialia et Hodierna: Oblata P.C. Potgieter, ed. D.F. Tolmie, Acta Theologica 2002, Supplementum 3 (2002): 169-186.

    “The Church as our Mother: New Perspectives on the Apostolic Succession,” Nederduiste gereformeerde teologiese tydskrif 45 (2004): 714-727.

    “Credimus in Ecclesiam,” Genius Loci. ed. S. Füsti-Molnár (Sárospatak: Sárospataki Református Teológiai Akadémia, 2006), 17-39.

    “Religion without Ulterior Motive,” Religion without Ulterior Motive, ed. E.A.J.G. van der Borght. Studies in Reformed Thology 13 (Brill: Leiden/Boston, 7-20). See also “Religion without ulterior motive,” HTS 61, 517-529.



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