PD Dr. P. M. WisseAssociate Professor of Dogmatics and Ecumenics, Privatdozent of Systematic Theology, University of Tübingen, Germany

    Research Profile

    I’m involved in various research projects:

    The hermeneutical consequences of canonical Bible uses. What happens when people read a book as a holy text? What sort of rules do they apply and how are these rules justified? This research resulted in my PhD thesis, but is pursued again in a project on the reception of the Gospel of John in later times.

    The question of so-called ‘Christological exclusivism’ and the possiblity of an alternative in terms of a systematic theology that finds its criterion in the interplay between the Decalogue and God’s revelation in Jesus Christ. This cluster of questions is also pursued in the context of the project on the reception of the Gospel of John. 

    Themes from the history of theology, primarily the history of Reformed scholasticism. This resulted in various articles and a collection of essays. 

    The theology of Augustine in conversation with contemporary Trinitarian theology. This resulted in a monograph on Augustine’s De Trinitate. 

    The theology of the Lord’s Supper, especially the way in which theologies of the Lord’s Supper interact with practical Christian spirituality. This is an area where I aim to bring systematic theology in conversation with empirical research.

    Teaching Profile

    Master level courses related to the above mentioned research projects and introductory courses in Christian Dogmatics for undergraduates.

    Selected Publications

    Trinitarian Theology beyond Participation: Augustine’s De Trinitate and Contemporary Theology, T&T Clark Studies in Systematic Theology, 11 (London: T&T Clark International, 2011).

    Scripture between Identity and Creativity: A Hermeneutical Theory Building upon Four Interpretations of Job, Ars Disputandi Supplement Series, 1 (Utrecht: Ars Disputandi, 2003) <http://adss.library.uu.nl>.

    with Marcel Sarot and Willemien Otten, eds., Scholasticism Reformed: Essays in Honour of Willem J. van Asselt, STAR, 14 (Leiden: Brill, 2010);

    with Anthony Dupont, ‘“Nostis Qui in Schola Christi Eruditi Estis, Iacob Ipsum Esse Israel”: Sermo 122, In Iohannis Euangelium Tractatus 7 and the Donatist and Pelagian Controversies’, Zeitschrift für antikes Christentum, 2014.

    with Hugo Meijer, ‘Pneumatology: Tradition and Renewal’, in Brill Companion to Reformed Orthodoxy, ed. by Herman J. Selderhuis (Leiden: Brill, 2013), pp. 465–518.

    ‘The First Modern Person? Twentieth-Century Theological Reception of Augustine’, in The Oxford Guide to the Historical Reception of Augustine, ed. by Karla Pollmann (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2013), 106–116.

    ‘„…welches alle Menschen erleuchtet“? Die Krise der Europäischen Identität im Spiegel der frühmodernen Rezeption des Johannesprologs’, Neue Zeitschrift für Systematische Theologie und Religionsphilosophie, 55 (2013), 1–19.

    ‘The Inseparable Bond between Covenant and Predestination: Cocceius and Barth’, in Scholasticism Reformed: Essays in Honour of Willem J. van Asselt, ed. by Maarten Wisse, Marcel Sarot, and Willemien Otten, STAR, 14 (Leiden; Boston: Brill, 2010), pp. 259–279.

    ‘Graham Ward’s Poststructural Christian Nominalism’, Sophia, 49 (2010), 359–373.

    ‘Towards a Theological Account of Theology: Reconceptualizing Church History and Systematic Theology’, in Orthodoxy, Process and Product, ed. by Mathijs Lamberigts, Lieven Boeve, and Terrence Merrigan, BETL, 227 (Leuven: Peeters, 2009), pp. 351–374.

    ‘Habitus Fidei: An Essay on the History of a Concept’, Scottish Journal of Theology, 56 (2003), 172–189.



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