Prof. Sonia Kwok WongAssistant Professor

    Research Profile

    Sonia Wong received a Ph.D. in Religious Studies from Vanderbilt University (2017), specializing in Hebrew Bible with a minor in Ancient Near East. In her dissertation entitled “The Solomonic Kingdom as a Cultural Fantasy of the Imperialized Yehudites,” she conducts a historical-critical analysis of 1 Kings 1:1-12:24 from a postcolonial-psychoanalytic perspective and argues that the Solomonic Kindgom is a wish-fulfilling narrative in a Freudian sense. Her research focuses on the Deuteronomistic (Hi)Story and the Pentateuch. She utilizes postcolonial, psychoanalytic, cultural, and feminist theories to the reading of the biblical texts. She also engages these theoretical lenses in her cross-textual readings of the Hebrew Bible from the  Chinese social, political, and/or religious contexts.

    Teaching Profile

    • Hebrew Bible
    • Ancient Near Eastern Culture and Literature
    • Methods and Biblical Interpretation
    • Biblical Theology

    Selected Publications

    • “Zelophehad’s Daughters as Lienü (Exemplary Women): Reading Numbers 27:1-11 and 36:1-12 in the Discursive Context of Confucianism.” T&T Clark Handbook to Asian American Biblical Hermeneutics, edited by Uriah Y. Kim and Seung Ai Yang, 230–40. New York: T&T Clark, 2019.
    • “A Comparison of Chinese Creation Myths and Biblical Texts.” In Global Perspectives on the Bible, edited by Mark Roncace and Joseph Weaver, 2–3. Boston: Pearson, 2014.
    • “The Notion of rpk [kpr] in the Book of Leviticus and Chinese Popular Religion.” In Leviticus and Numbers, edited by Athalya Brenner and Archie Chi Chung Lee, 77–95. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2013.
    • “The Birth, Early Life, and Commission of Moses: A Reading from Post-Handover Hong Kong.” In Exodus and Deuteronomy, edited by Athalya Brenner and Gale A. Yee, 139–55. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2012.


    Room 324, Leung Kau Kui Building, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong (China SAR).

    Phone: 85239435150



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