Dr. Rabbi Shlomo Pill

    Research Profile

    Dr. Pill’s research focuses on law and religion, broadly considered; and on Jewish, Islamic, and American law and jurisprudence; and religious liberty issues. Currently, he is directing a three-year project studying the ways in which American law regulates and impacts professional Christian ministry and church administration in the Unites States, which will provide a foundation for developing new resources and training materials for American clergy and ministry professionals on legal issues. Dr. Pill is also working on a a series of articles and a book project exploring Jewish and Islamic historical and doctrinal perspectives on religious liberty and the role of the state in enforcing religious piety, as well as a book on Jewish and Islamic perspectives on the indeterminacy problem in Anglo-American legal philosophy.

    Teaching Profile

    Islamic Law
    Jewish Law
    Introduction to Judaism
    Church-State Relations

    Selected Publications

    Shlomo C. Pill & Michael J. Broyde, Setting the Table: An Introduction to the Jurisprudence of Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein’s Arukh Hashulchan (Academic Studies Press, forthcoming 2020).

    Shlomo Pill, The Role of Humrah/Kula/Safek (Stringency, Leniency, and Doubt,) in Halakhic Rulings and Practices, in Chaim Saiman, et. al., eds., The Oxford Handbook of Jewish Law (forthcoming, 2022).

    Shlomo Pill, Human Rights in Judaism _, in Georges Tamer, Ursula Männle, eds., The Concept of Human Rights in Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (forthcoming 2021) (with Michael J. Broyde).

    Shomo Pill, Jewish Law Perspectives on Judicial Settlement Practice, 20 Pepperdine Dispute Resolution Law Journal 227 (2020).

    Shlomo C. Pill, The Legal Significance of Custom in the Halakhic Jurisprudence of Rabbi Yechiel Mikhel Epstein’s Arukh Hashulchan, 36 Touro Law Review 165 (2020) (with Michael J. Broyde).

    Shlomo C. Pill, Building the Set Table, Cluttering the Set Table and Two Competing Methods for Decluttering the Set Table: An Introduction to the Orach Chayyim Jurisprudence of Rabbi Yechiel Mikhel Epstein’s Arukh HaShulchan and a Contrast with Rabbi Israel Meir Kagen’s Mishnah Berurah, 33 Dine Israel 1 (2019) (with Michael J. Broyde).

    Shlomo C. Pill, Book Review: Jewish Law and American Law: A Comparative Study. By Samuel J. Levine. New York: Touro College Press, 2018, 34 Journal of Law and Religion 262 (2019).

    Shlomo C. Pill, Rabbinic Reflections of the Religious and Civil Value of the Separation of Church and State, 1 Studies in Judaism, Humanities, and the Social Sciences 23 (2018).

    Shlomo C. Pill, Knowing Shari’a Law: Legal Epistemology in Islamic Jurisprudence, 18 Chicago-Kent Journal of International and Comparative Law 51 (2018).

    Shlomo C. Pill, Leveraging Legal Indeterminacy: A Judeo-Islamic Conception of the Rule of Law, 6 J. Law, Rel. & State 147 (2018).


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