Prof. Phee Seng KangDirector of the Centre for Sino-Christian Studies and Professor of Christian Theology

    Research Profile

    Prof. Kang has been actively promoting theology as public discourse. He identifies the real challenge for Chinese theology as communicating the Christian faith and its rationality in the public forum and the academy, rejecting privatization and marginalization, and refusing to allow public values to be shaped only by the secular market place. Theology should prophetically expose the poverty of scientific naturalism and secular humanism, setting a new paradigm for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and multi-perspectival quest for truth. His research interests include issues in Systematic Theology, Faith and Public Values, Genetics and Human Dignity, Science and Religion.

    Teaching Profile

    History of Christian Thought, Contemporary Theological Currents, Christian Social Thought, Science and Religion, Philosophy of Christian Religion, Sexuality and Christian Values.

    Selected Publications

    “One Universe, Two Perspectives: Epistemological Implications When Contemporary Cosmology Meets Christian Theology,” Fujen Journal of Religious Studies 11 (2005): 1-18.

    Cloning Human? — Some Moral Considerations in Bioethics: Asian Perspectives,
    Q. Renzong, ed. Philosophy and Medicine Series 80, London: Kluwer Academic Publisher, 2004:115-127.

    Truth Claims and Religious Dialogue: From Common Ground to Genuine Respect for
    Others,” in F. Youde/M. Y. Stewart/K. J. Clark, eds., Inter-Religious Dialogue: China and the West. Beijing: China Social Sciences Press, 2004: 1-12.

    “Religious Discourse in the Public Forum,” in S. Chan, ed., Truth to Proclaim: The Gospel in Church
    and Society.
    Singapore: Trinity Theological College, 2002: 77-93.

    Redemption in History: A Christological Understanding,” Logos & Pneuma 19 (2003): 69-98.

    The Incarnate Word and the Adamic Humanity — A Soteriological Approach,” Taiwan Journal of Theology 22 (2001): 61–78.

    “From Believing to Professing: Maintaining Distinctiveness in a Pluralistic Culture in Asia,” Quest: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Asian Christian Scholars 1 (2002): 35-47.



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